Caramelized Onions – I Dream of Recipes Way

I love onions.  I especially love caramelized onions and the unique flavor they add to dishes.  Whenever I have time to make them I try to incorporate the sweet, aromatic, pieces into the dish on the menu.  Mashed potatoes – sour cream, cheddar cheese, garlic powder, and caramelized onions?  Life-changing.

Here’s how I make them and what they look like at different time intervals.  You can slice the onions any way you’d like but I like minced pieces to mix into things like potatoes or pierogis and thin half onion slices for turkey burgers or pork chops.  Whatever way you slice it, the onions will add an extra oompf to your recipe!

I start cooking the onions on medium-high heat (I have an electric oven so it takes a minute to heat up but then the pan retains the heat).

Onions cooked 10 minutes

You can use any type of fat to cook these in.  I usually use coconut oil, butter, or olive oil, depending on what type of dish I’m making.  I like olive oil for burgers, coconut for chicken, and butter for potatoes.

Onions cooked 20 minutes

As the color starts to turn a yellowish-brown, turn the heat down to low, after about 25 minutes.

Onions cooked 25 minutes – turn to low heat

These are going to turn quickly after this point, so keep an eye on them.

Onions cooked 30 minutes

Add a small amount of additional oil/butter as needed if you notice sticking or burning.

Onions cooked 35 minutes – add oil if needed

After 40 minutes, right before they are done, I add salt.  Don’t add any prior to this point as it will draw out the liquid from the onions and halt the caramelization process.

Onions cooked 40 minutes – add salt to taste (1/4 tsp for this amount)

Cook about 5 more minutes, remove from the heat, and you’re done!


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