tbt: Cigars & Whiskey 40th Birthday

The last two nights were spent with great friends, beer, and bowling. Paul and I are on a league with two of our best buddies and we had to make-up a missed week on Tuesday. Then, on Wednesday, a bunch of our friends bowl on a league and a couple needed subs so we filled in for them. I really enjoy the sport but 2 nights in a row is rough!

Since my normal weekly routine was disrupted I’m making an easy dinner tonight. Paul, so wonderfully, picked up a rotisserie chicken on the way home from work. My plan is to slice it thin, shred some of my leftover smoked Swiss cheese (from the Thanksgiving appetizer I made) on top, add a leaf of romaine and sandwich between 2 slices of sourdough bread. Oh, and after I toast them in our panini press, I’m going to go a little crazy and swish it with some balsamic glaze!

I was thinking instead of detailing this dinner and since it’s Thursday, I’d take the opportunity to write a throwback post. Rewind to last August and the 40th Birthday party I pulled together for Paul. Special thanks to my aforementioned bowling buddy, Lisa, who took the photos while I was running around the day of.

We typically host a couple of BBQs each summer but I wanted to have a theme this time around. What screams a guy’s 40th birthday more than cigars and whiskey? If you came up with other ideas, shh, this is what we’re talking about today. My goal was to have delicious food, plenty of spirits, and a few cute accoutrements to match the theme.


We had pulled pork (smoked on the grill for about 12 hours) and coleslaw sandwiches, broccoli salad, meatballs with maple whiskey sauce, and chicken alfredo for dinner. I’ll definitely have a post on the pulled pork coming up as it’s one of our standard party menu items. The pasta was a make ahead item where I cooked the chicken, sauce, and pasta the night before and then mixed together the day of. That’s really my party secret for most of our events – make the components beforehand then combine right before serving!



I asked guests to sign a picture frame mat so that we would have something to commemorate the day. I ordered some cheap coozys and match books for the guests and made chocolate covered pretzels with a paper band on them to resemble a cigar.


I attempted to make some sugar cookies – I’m ok with how they turned out for my first time. I do love that it allowed me to discover this website – it has SO many different designs!


For snacks, I made homemade soft pretzel bites, cheese & chives dipping sauce, and honey mustard. These babies were gone fast and the dips we addictive! The cucumber/turkey roll-ups are definitely not a make ahead item – they became watery and limp. They also didn’t roll up as nice as I had hoped so I probably won’t make them again. The ham & cheese roll-ups turned out great and can be done the night before. My favorite on this table were the sweet and spicy nuts. I may make some for Christmas and will share a post if I do!



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